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Artificial Intelligence used in the medical sector

“Medical well-being is integral for the progress of our nation and its people, and we are constantly seeking Artificial Intelligence methods to reach as many patients as possible and in the fastest time.”, states Sherif Beshara, CEO of the Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group in the Gulf News Newspaper on January 29th.

The American Hospital partnered with Etisalat Digital to reach their clients better and in a faster way. They provide a communication platform, where telehealth services are available. This allows citizens and residents in the UAE to request and avail remote medical consultations with the doctors of the American Hospital. The platform provides different services such as advanced voice and video conferencing. It is available by web browser or by mobile app. A big advantage of this step is, that patients can access their high-quality healthcare services faster and easier.

The American Hospital in Dubai also empowers the first Emirati female surgeon to conduct robotic surgery in the UAE. Dr. Alia Obaid Al Mansoori will be specially trained for using the “da Vinci Xi” system. Dr. Al Mansoori has an extensive and comprehensive experience in obstetrics and gynecology. She emphasized the importance of the optimum utilization of advanced science and technology in the medical field. Those robotic surgeries will add a great value to the health of the patients of the American Hospital in Dubai and the whole community. Dubai is the first city in the region, which uses the “da Vinci Xi” system. When using “da Vinci Xi” the surgeon saves time, enhances accuracy and better assures the patients safety. Dr. Al Mansoori also said: “Practically, robotic surgery represents the future of surgeries, especially since the robotic arms are much stronger and more stable than the humand hand, and the 10X magnification ensures a higher level of success in microscopic surgeries.”

(Gulfnews, January 29, 2020, Nation p.5)

(Gulfnews, January 28, 2020, From the cover p.2)

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